Influencer Marketing

One of the fastest and most effective ways to get your brand and products in front of the right audience is through a strategic, curated and targeted influencer marketing integration.

Evolving Network

Kahn Media has an extensive (and constantly growing) list of influencer contacts and relationships in a variety of vertical channels, from automotive and motorsports to men’s lifestyle, luxury, entertainment, women’s lifestyle and action sports. We believe the best influencer engagement campaigns come not from paying high dollar personalities to shill for client products, but by developing compelling experiences and events where influencers can immerse themselves in a brand and its story, then share it with the world. The results are organic, compelling and powerful

Trackable ROI

From bringing influencers to client events for increased reach and awareness to utilizing influencer endorsements to power new product launches, our programs have racked up over one billion impressions over the past year, all with direct, trackable ROI. Our digital marketing team has also worked with top global influencers to create sales pull for clients who sell direct-to-consumer, and we are constantly curating relationships with new micro-influencers and up-and-coming content creators so ensure a steady stream of opportunities for Kahn Media clients.

If you want the third party endorsement of the biggest and most respected social media channels and influencers in the world talking about and endorsing your brand, product or service, we can help.

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