State of the Industry, Conquering Fear and Winning Market Share

By Dan Kahn People often ask me what the biggest challenge the automotive aftermarket is facing as we wrap up 2011. The answer: fear. From industry events and trade shows to races and closed-door council meetings, we’ve been hearing senior members of the industry express fear on a variety of fronts: fear of change and…

Mind Your (online) Manners

By Elana Scherr, Kahn Media Senior Account Executive Veteran etiquette gurus are swamped these days with questions about how to politely refuse Facebook friends, and what to do about a teenager who texts at the dinner table. Hurt feelings and bad manners have gone virtual. Social Media and mobile technology have given us a whole…

Want a free cup of coffee? Steal this QR Code!

What’s interesting here is that he is A) helping strangers he has never met and B) has figured out a way to make QR technology work for more than simply scanning ads in magazines to see more ads.

Going Mobile

This post is all about mobile marketing – it’s a little dry if you’re not into communication trends – so if nothing else enjoy Daltry, Townsend and Moon doing their thing.

Filming FAQ w/ Kahn Media’s Videographer

Since show season is upon us, we asked Kahn Media’s ace videographer Alex Auerbach to share some tips on how to produce high-quality video for web marketing. Our clients are fantastic about sending us footage from events on the road, and with these tricks you can maximize the results after editing.

The Smile Machine

The Hotchkis Challenger was winning hearts and minds last weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, that’s why we call it “The Smile Machine”…