– Mack Hogan, Road & Track

“Every part of this car, from its endlessly chattering steering to its unflappable suspension, is as rewarding as the best supercars on sale. The difference is that you don’t need to be going 120 mph for it to feel awake.”

– ThatDudeInBlue, YouTube

“This is the most fun 400+ horsepower car anyone could buy.”

– Steven Ewing, CNET

“There are a few other great-driving cars available for less money, too, but none of them make us feel as alive as the Evora GT. None of them attack a canyon road with the same tenacity. None of them cause this many giggles. The Evora GT is a purebred sports car. That it’s not for everyone is by design.”

– Kristin Lee, Business Insider

“Here’s the truth, though: the Evora GT only needs seven seconds to utterly win you over.”

– Matt Burns, TechCrunch

“The Lotus Evora GT is a new car with an old soul. It doesn’t want to live a life of commuting. It wants to drive for the hell of it.”

– Billy Rehbock, Automobile

“The Evora GT achieves its mission of succeeding as an everyday exotic.”