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In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what a modern public relations agency can do for your brand.

Public relations is currently in a state of constant change. The old-school approach to PR that some agencies once relied on was to craft press releases, send them out to a generic media list, do some follow up and hope for the best. While some might still desperately cling to that outdated model, it is ineffective. A lot has changed in the world in the last few years, so it shouldn’t be shocking that public relations must also change.

So, what exactly can a modern public relations agency do for your brand? As it turns out, it goes way beyond sending out press releases. Yes, they are still part of the mix, but any modern public relations and marketing agency should be doing so much more. We have developed the following list to tell if a public relations agency still operates in the Mesozoic Era or employs more contemporary tactics. Let’s look at what PR agencies should do for your brand in 2024.

In the following article, we will discuss:

  • The massive change in the media that has affected public relations.
  • Why genuine media relationships matter.
  • How the right public relations agency goes beyond creating content.
  • The shift toward experiential events and why brand authority matters.

Be Your Guide to a Decentralized Media

The recent dramatic decentralization of the media has had the most significant impact on public relations, especially in the automotive and outdoor industries. Print used to reign supreme before the “legacy media” was replaced by websites. Now, those major websites are the new legacy media and are being replaced by a multitude of upstarts. This fracturing has caused a confusing and messy media landscape.

Properly navigating this new reality takes specialized and ever-evolving knowledge. Once dominant websites might now be in decline and less of a priority for coverage. Newer websites might have less traffic but have more engaged readers and be a perfect fit for your brand. Newer forms of media, like podcasts, newsletters, Substack and more, also play a role. All of the recent media changes create a complex web, but a skilled modern public relations agency should be able to expertly guide you through it.

Connect Your Brand With the Right Content Creators and Influencers

As the media landscape has become fractured, people have increasingly turned to influencers and content creators for entertainment and information. Once thought of as little more than someone with a social media following looking for freebies, influencers and content creators now play essential roles in marketing and public relations efforts. However, just like the proliferation of websites and media outlets, an overabundance of them causes confusion. And it is all about finding the right ones to partner with.

Navigating through the sea of influencers and content creators is a long and tedious process. Many brands lack the internal bandwidth to execute that search properly. This is where a modern PR agency that already engages with influencers and content creators regularly can be worth its weight in gold. They can drastically reduce that search time and guide you to the right influencers with engaged followers who are actually interested in your brand and its products. On top of that, the right public relations team can handle contracts and legal matters, get products shipped and ensure coverage, operating as a turn-key solution for busy businesses. Give our blog post, where we answer the top questions about influencer marketing, a read to understand the subject better.

Has Genuine Relationships with the Media, Content Creators and Influencers

Nobody likes feeling constantly used in a relationship. It creates bad vibes and usually results in a very short-term situation. The best relationships are genuine ones built on trust that work towards common goals. Each partner helps each other in a symbiotic way, creating something better than they could on their own.

No, this article hasn’t suddenly morphed into a self-help column. However, the aforementioned is also 100% true of the relationship between agencies and the media, content creators and influencers. Some agencies see working with the media as nothing more than transactional. But the right marketing agency works to forge long-term relationships instead that are useful to both parties. That may seem trivial to some, but doing so creates media contacts that are much more receptive to pitches, story angles and ideas. Ultimately, that long-term focus helps influencers and creators regularly get ideas for high-quality content from the right agency that also helps to convey your brand’s message.

Modern Public Relations Tactics with Kahn Media

Creates Content and a Strategy for It

Content made by influencers and creators is vital, but it is also important to create your own. Doing so allows for complete control of messaging. It is also an authentic way to connect with your customers and find new ones. If you doubt how powerful that content can be, check out our blog post on what an absolute monster YouTube has become. Some of the stats in the article are sure to drop your jaw.

If you don’t have the capacity to create your own content, hiring an agency to handle it makes complete sense. However, finding a marketing agency that can create content and support it with a carefully crafted strategy is always a better move. We have seen brands spend significant sums on beautiful content, only for it to languish online with hardly any views. Content creation is only one part of the puzzle. The right agency can maximize the impact of that content with social media and digital marketing efforts. They can also create a complete content strategy that ensures each piece stays on message and builds your brand along with sales.

Is an Experiential Event Expert

Conventional shows with countless aisles and humdrum product demos only go so far in connecting with the media. The media, especially influencers and content creators, are increasingly looking for experiences rather than show booths or displays. A carefully curated experience allows them to create more engaging content that performs better online and on social media. Drawing more engaged viewers doesn’t just help them but also helps your brand if you are part of that experiential event.

Tapping into this trend is trickier than it sounds. The experiential event needs to be interesting enough to draw the interest of the media and their audiences. Carefully integrating the right products organically is also necessary so the experience doesn’t become a thinly veiled product demonstration. Finding the right experts to engage, educate and entertain during the event is also challenging. While creating an effective experiential event isn’t easy, pulling it off is an excellent public relations and marketing win. Check out the video of our outdoor-focused counterpart Tread Agency’s Overland Summit to get an idea of how it all can work.

Brand authenticity is a key component of modern public relations efforts

Builds Brand Authority and Authenticity

Positioning your brand and its key employees as experts in their fields is sometimes overlooked. However, it is a powerful public relations tool that any modern agency should employ. Doing so helps leverage you and your brand as authoritative sources of knowledge. It also helps keep your company in the news as the media reaches out for interviews. Securing public speaking engagements, guest blog articles, podcast appearances, video appearances and book authorship are all ways to secure more media coverage and build brand authority.

However, it is always imperative to utilize an experienced public relations agency when dealing with the media so things don’t go sideways. Read our post on how to interact with the media to learn what to look for. A better PR agency will also have a deeper understanding of the media landscape to ensure your valuable time is spent effectively instead of on countless interviews and appearances that do little to move the needle. Building brand authority is more about carefully selecting the right media outlets and platforms than quantity.

A Modern Public Relations Agency and More

At Kahn Media, we know the importance of constantly evolving our services and expertise to maximize public relations efforts. Our PR team can be your guide to the modern media landscape, connect you with the right influencers, build your brand’s authority and get the media’s attention. As a full-service integrated marketing agency, our in-house creative and digital marketing specialists can back those efforts with bespoke content and digital advertising. We are also adept at creating experiential events or assisting with your own. Contact us to see what is possible for your brand.