Kahn Media All Hands Meeting

The Kahn Media All Hands Meeting

Bringing Remote Workers Together

In this article we will recap our recent Kahn Media All Hands Meeting. There is a debate raging at some companies about remote workers and their effects on productivity. Some CEOs at major corporations have completely ended work-from-home policies started during the pandemic, much to the disappointment of their employees. Others have embraced a hybrid setup of having employees in the office a few days a week. All of it has been extensively covered in the media with a multitude of articles. Some of these support the idea that productivity only happens with employees in the office, while others do not. It has created a confusing environment with some employers trying whatever seems to work best.

At Kahn Media, we switched to a fully remote workplace during the pandemic to keep our employees healthy. But, unlike some companies, we have no intention of completely reverting back to having everyone in the office all the time. What we discovered during the pandemic is that a remote setup allowed us to tap into a nationwide pool of talent. Now, instead of looking for those close enough to commute to the office, we can hire the best in the country regardless of their location. And we still have an office for those teams and employees that need it and to house our photo and podcast studios. This flexibility has led to a happy and talented group of employees across seven U.S. states.

While technology can easily bring us all together to work effectively regardless of location, there is still no complete replacement for in-person interaction. That is why every quarter we bring our entire team to our Moorpark, California headquarters for our all-hands meeting. It allows remote employees to meet, form bonds and work more closely with their teammates. They can share valuable knowledge and learn from others. The all-hands meeting also lets us plan for the future as a cohesive group and focus on improvement and growth.

This quarter’s all-hands meeting started with exploring the power of unreasonable hospitality. Made famous by American restaurateur Will Guidara in his book “Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect,” the concept is always over-delivering to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for clients and guests. After exploring the subject, Kahn Media employees gave presentations on the latest social media trends and how to maximize engagement in the constantly changing space. An additional presentation dived into email marketing and project management technologies that our outdoor-focused counterpart, TREAD Agency, has been spearheading.

Also, part of the multi-day experience was Happy Companies explaining its vision for a better and more connected workspace. Kahn Media will be one of the first organizations to try its innovative software and systems for accelerating employee engagement and boosting organizational performance. A panel of influencers and content creators followed with in-depth discussions on effective pitching and the current state of influencer marketing. The final activity was a team-building exercise where groups worked together to solve a live-action murder mystery.

The logistics, expense and timeframe of having everyone in the office for the multi-day all-hands meeting can be challenging, but the results are definitely worth it. New relationships were forged, knowledge was shared, new skills were learned and we gathered as a group to focus on the future. Our all-hands meetings will remain a key part of our strategy as we continue to innovate new ways to deliver outstanding service to our clients.