January 29, 2021 KahnMedia

Watch The SEMA Launch Pad 2020 Competition

SEMA’s Launch Pad competition provides young entrepreneurs and innovators with a platform to showcase their ideas and inventions. While the competition traditionally took place in front of an audience of students at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, you are now invited to watch as five young creators and business leaders take center stage in this 45-minute video. Hosted by Aaron Kaufman and featuring the finalists as they pitch their inventions to a panel of industry experts — including our own Dan Kahn — for the title of SEMA Launch Pad winner. The video showcases behind-the-scenes interviews with competitors and judges as they decide who wins the grand prize package valued at $25,000.

This year’s finalists have brought products that improve a vehicle owner’s safety, convenience, and overall driving experience. Watch below as the finalists compete and share the details of their inventions.

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