August 6, 2020 KahnMedia


SEMA may be cancelled, but thousands of customers are waiting to buy your products, and we have a plan. 

What: We have already developed turn-key launch programs for new products, car builds and brands. Reach more people for less money than a traditional in-person program, targeted to your specific consumer, market segment and distribution model. 

How: Through a turn-key marketing package that targets thousands of industry contacts and millions of consumers targeted by interest, utilizing a seamlessly integrated package of virtual programming, live video, social media content, PR and targeted digital marketing. 

Why: Wednesday’s news that the 2020 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show was the latest event to fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic hit the aftermarket automotive industry like a tornado in a trailer park.  Having a standalone digital launch managed by the KM team is faster, more targeted and has more trackable defined return on investment than even the best in-person program.

How: Using car builds, product spotlights, produced and live content, carefully orchestrated media coverage, engaged influencers and the 1.1M-strong Kahn Media Network of auto enthusiast social media channels for maximum exposure and ROI.

Who: Kahn Media has been helping our clients get the most from their SEMA Show presences for more than a decade, including introducing an increasing number of digital solutions for clients to amplify their presence outside of those physically in attendance at the event. Now, we’re ready to help you navigate the unknown of a digital trade show presence with a custom-tailored service package designed to get your message to the right audience – be it business-to-business or business-to-consumer.  

Packages Available

  • Product Launches
    • B2B – Trade Only (PR, Targeted Digital Marketing, Content Creation)
    • B2C – Trade & Consumer (PR, Targeted Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Photo and Video, Social Content and Influencer Endorsement)
      • Direct to Consumer (Optional Packages for Creating a Digital Sales Funnel)
  • Car Builds / Debuts
    • Package A: Photos, Press Kit Creation, PR Launch and Pitching
    • Package B: All above plus turn-key video, influencer engagement and social content
    • Package C: All listed above plus live streaming social media unveil on the KM Network of 1M follower enthusiast Instagram Pages and on your channels. 

Digital Trade Show Services

  • Live or streaming product and vehicle unveils (remote from your business/shop or in-studio at Kahn Media)
  • Interviews with leading U.S. and international media
  • Podcast guest appearances
  • Social media influencer engagement and partnerships
  • B2C/D2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns (search, display, remarketing and social media) delivered to your specific demographic with highly-targeted ad copy and content
  • Video production
  • Product/vehicle photography

About Kahn Media
We are the only integrated marketing agency in the aftermarket industry to combine traditional public and media relations services with an award-winning in-house creative team (photographers, videographers and graphic designers), an in-house digital marketing team that has delivered proven results to clients large and small, direct-to-consumer sales experts and social media and influencer marketing professionals along with a network of automotive enthusiast Instagram channels that reach over 11 million consumers.

Our ROI-driven, turnkey programs are faster and more highly targeted than a trade show booth or press conference and include in-depth analysis that measures reach, engagement, traffic driven to your site and sales numbers (when utilizing our digital marketing services).  We will design a custom program with defined KPIs and ROI that using custom vehicle build features, product spotlights, celebrity endorsements, a combination of professionally-produced and live content, influencer engagement and syndication through the Kahn Media Network for maximum exposure and return on investment. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Contact us today to receive case studies, examples of our work and discuss what a custom digital product or vehicle debut for your company looks like and find out how we can deliver you massive ROI for a fraction of the cost of your original trade show budget.

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