July 17, 2020 KahnMedia

Creator Chat: What it Takes to Become a YouTube Influencer

Content creators are driving consumer awareness and sales more than ever and have become a go-to resource for enthusiasts in every space for product advice, inspiration and, most of all, entertainment. Our Vice President of Accounts, Cory Burns, sat down and talked with Matt Farah (The Smoking Tire), Garrett Reed (American Muscle HD), Rachelle Croft (Expedition Overland), David Patterson (ThatDudeinBlue) and Roman Mica (The Fast Lane Truck). They share their personal journeys and what they’ve learned along the way, including tips and tricks for brands looking to sponsor channels and how to deal with trolls. Click the viewer above, or click here to watch the highlight video.

Click on the links below to watch the full interviews:

Matt Farah (The Smoking Tire)

Garrett Reed (American Muscle HD)

Rachelle Croft (Expedition Overland)

David Patterson (ThatDudeinBlue)

Roman Mica (The Fast Lane Truck)