May 1, 2020 Heather Wilson

The New Normal: An Exclusive White Paper from Kahn Media

We’ll all remember life B.C. and A.C. — Before and After Coronavirus. Shockwaves from the pandemic have reverberated around the world, affecting every nation and every sector of the economy and creating serious challenges for businesses of all types. More than 93% of the global population — more than 7 billion people — have been living and working under quarantine restrictions. If you run a business or lead a team, then you need market intelligence to guide you through the current crisis and the recession that will follow.

Kahn Media has produced a white paper called The New Normal: Sales, Marketing & Business Intelligence for the Post-COVID World that examines major trends, does a deep-dive on key industries (automotive, tech, entertainment/fashion and consumer goods) and outlines best practices and opportunities for the future, particularly how to pivot to digital.

Major Trends

The New Normal summarizes trends that affect every business, including the accelerated transition to digital, the cancellation of events and travel, the abrupt shift to “in-homing” (work, school, leisure) and impacts on the global economy. Marketing, communications and public relations have had to adapt to changes in media consumption by consumers, and this white paper summarizes what works and what doesn’t.

Industry Trends

With a contraction in global output and a decline in consumer spending, every industry is feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis. The New Normal digs into the disruptions and changes in leading industries, including automotive, tech, entertainment/fashion and consumer goods. Companies of all sizes have had to pivot to digital and find new ways to reach consumers when they are stuck at home, and some have been more successful than others.

Best Practices and Opportunities

Knowing what has happened and how industries have been affected and companies have responded to the coronavirus crisis is valuable, but what’s most important for business leaders is how to move forward. The New Normal outlines best practices for marketing and social media and opportunities for communications, public relations and content. It also provides guidance on how to pivot to a digital-first model so you can reach your company’s ideal customers and sell to them directly.

To download a copy of The New Normal: Sales, Marketing & Business Intelligence for the Post-COVID World, click on this link and enter your email address.