September 24, 2019 KahnMedia


The new 17-inch Vector 6 wheel combines clean lines with an aggressive spoke design and is engineered to deliver optimum fitment and maximum strength.

RIVERSIDE, CALIF. (September, 2019) – ICON Alloys, the wheel division of ICON Vehicle Dynamics, announced the release of its new Vector 6 wheel. Staying true to the ICON approach, the Vector 6 is uniquely engineered to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel position for un-hindered suspension travel and steering function.

This new Vector 6 wheel incorporates sharp lines and an aggressive spoke design. The wheel’s featureless lip provides clean looks and doesn’t trap debris as easily, making care and maintenance easier than ever.

With ICON-optimized dimensions, the Vector 6 is designed to improve the form and function of a truck or SUV. Backspace and wheel offset dimensions have been strategically developed to reduce scrub radius, enhancing handling characteristics and ride quality.

The Vector 6 is available in popular six-lug fitments with a 17 x 8.5-inch size and a 2,750-pound load rating. It can be ordered in bronze, satin black and titanium finishes. For more information on the ICON Alloys Vector 6 wheels or any other ICON Alloys products, visit or call (951) 689-ICON.

Developed by ICON Vehicle Dynamics (manufacturers of industry-leading performance suspension systems and shock absorbers) ICON Alloys was established with an objective to provide the off-road market quality wheels built with precision, performance, and strength in mind. Time after time in the development of suspension components the ICON R&D team ran into clearance, fitment, and steering geometry issues that limited the drivability and performance of a given vehicle. As this trend continued, the idea of manufacturing a line of wheels with the “form follows function” approach made more and more sense, and off to the drawing board it was.

PRECISION – Application-specific dimensions optimize vehicle dynamics and tire clearance for many of today’s most popular vehicles.

PERFORMANCE – Engineered to reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass for increased vehicle performance both on and off-road.

STRENGTH – Aluminum alloy construction provides high-strength properties that are well suited for heavy off-road abuse.