February 5, 2019 KahnMedia


Designed for the 2005-2006 4.0L I6-equipped Jeep Wrangler, this new billet steel flywheel delivers a 47% increase in inertia, helping prevent stalling while traversing across rough terrain

Prescott, Ariz. (February 2019) – Centerforce, a leading manufacturer of performance clutches and flywheels for classic and late model cars and trucks for over 30 years, has released its new High Inertia Billet Steel Flywheel with the integrated timing trigger for the 4.0L I6-equipped 2005-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. This new 39-pound billet steel flywheel equates to a 47% increase in inertia over the stock flywheel and the extra stored energy helps maintain engine rpm and improve low-speed crawl capability.

The TJ-series Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular off-road platforms for Jeep enthusiasts thanks to its affordable price point, rugged capability and immense aftermarket support. For TJ Jeep owners with manual transmissions, installing a heavier flywheel can greatly improve both their on-road and off-road driving experiences. The stock OE Jeep flywheel weighs in at 26.45-pounds, while the new Centerforce flywheel weighs 39-pounds – an increase of nearly 13-pounds. The increase in flywheel inertia helps to maintain engine RPM speed on the street & off road, the weight of the Jeep doesn’t pull the engines down in RPM as easily due to the extra inertia on the Centerforce flywheel. Jeeps with larger tires and equipped with all the added weight from off road supplies and equipment will benefit using the high inertia flywheel.

Centerforce flywheels are CAD/CAM-designed and CNC machined for precise, no hassle, bolt-in installation. All Centerforce billet steel flywheels are SFI-certified, so you know that you can count on them on the street and on the trail. This new 39-pound, 164-tooth, integrated timing trigger, 6 bolt crank Flywheel (Part #700479) fits 2005-2006 Jeep Wranglers equipped with the 4.0L L6. This precision balanced flywheel was developed as an easy-to-install replacement able to complement both light and heavy-duty off-road setups while maintaining highway usability.

Centerforce High Inertia easily install and are made in the USA. For more information about the Flywheel or any other products, contact Centerforce, 928.771.8422, www.centerforce.com.

A division of Midway Industries, Centerforce is an award-winning manufacturer of performance clutches and flywheels. The Centerforce brand has earned a well-deserved reputation for reliability, quality and durability where superior clutch performance and easy operation are mandatory. Continuous product development has earned Centerforce many U.S. and international patents. Based in Prescott, Arizona, Centerforce currently offers more than 1,600 non-asbestos clutch, pressure-plate and flywheel applications for performance cars, trucks, SUVs and Hot Rods.