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Newly released “Want This/Get That” list of future collectibles includes Ford, International Harvester, Jeep, Range Rover and Toyota models

Phoenix, Ariz. (November, 2017) – For SUV and off-road enthusiasts looking for a classic four-wheel drive, the experts at have identified a selection of affordable domestics and imports that are also earmarked as future collectibles.

The site’s new “Want This/Get That” list features a selection of vehicles that are certain to address the desires, needs and, most importantly, passions of enthusiasts and collectors.  SUV’s picked as “get that” recommendations represent viable alternatives to their more expensive “want this” counterparts.

“Historically, trucks and SUVs aren’t commonly considered when collections are being assembled,” according to Andy Reid,’s East Coast editor and analyst.  “Recently, we’ve seen an upsurge in interest, accompanied by rising prices.  Vehicles like the ones we have selected aren’t only great value, they are also exceptional choices.”

WANT THIS: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 or Ford Bronco (1966 to 77)

GET THAT: International Harvester Scout II (1971 to 80)

“This SUV is in particularly high-demand, and is at a good value point right now, especially for a vehicle that hasn’t been manufactured in almost 40 years,” according to Reid.  “We’re seeing Scout II’s go for anywhere from $15,000 to $28,000.  We’ve noticed an upsurge in restoration activity, which attests to the strength of Scout’s heritage and the interest it generates.  With styling like an early Bronco, the Harvester Scout II is great value for a vintage SUV, and is a great alternative to any FJ40 or Bronco.”

WANT THIS: Land Rover Series 1 (1948 to 57) or Series 2 (1958 to 61)
GET THAT: Range Rover Classic (1986 to 96)

For about $15,000, a Range Rover Classic is a more financially viable choice than the universally popular Land Rover Series 1 or Series 2, which typically will start at twice the price of a Classic. The quintessential “Hollywood ‘It’ Car” that fictitious studio executive Griffin Mill drove in the popular 1992 film “The Player,” the Classic was, in fact, extremely popular among the Hollywood elite.  Surprisingly, it was also a tremendously dependable off-road vehicle, according to

WANT THIS: Jeepster Commando (1966 to 73)
GET THAT: Jeep Grand Wagoneer (1984 to 91)

Enthusiasts looking to add a Jeepster Commando to their collection should expect to spend up to $45,000.  At about one-third of the cost, a Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a great option, according to Reid. “Wagoneer was the first true ‘luxury SUV’ offered by a domestic manufacturer,” he states.  “A precursor to the incredibly popular Cadillac Escalade, the Wagoneer was well-built, offered four-wheel drive, and came with options like leather interior, air conditioning, and power steering.  It’s truly an under-the-radar choice, but ideal for anyone who wants an abundance of options at a reasonable price.”

WANT THIS: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 (1960 to 84)
Toyota Land Cruiser J60 (1980 to 89)

For no more than $20,000, a Land Cruiser J60 offers true off-road capabilities in a luxury SUV that is equipped with leather seats, power windows and doors, and air conditioning. “It’s a great selection, especially when compared with a Land Cruiser FJ40, which can set the buyer back from $40,000 to as much as $80,000,” Reid says.

WANT THIS: Ford Bronco (1966 to 77)
GET THAT: Ford Explorer (1991 to 94)

For fans of the first-generation Ford Bronco (1966-77), valuations starting at $40,000 may very well be too pricey.  A more affordable option is another Ford model, the Explorer (1991-94).  “This was the first four-wheel drive ‘truck’ that wasn’t a truck at all,” Reid explains.  “Soccer moms drove them daily, as did people in all walks-of-life. Owners usually ran them for hundreds of thousands of miles, so very few are left on the market.  If a collector can find one, a typical price of about $10,000 is a really good value.”

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