October 20, 2013 KahnMedia

Kahn Media Founder hosts Cars for a Living Podcast

Kahn Media founder Dan Kahn has been involved in the automotive industry since he was 15 years old. He started off sweeping floors at a speed shop, then selling parts at a performance warehouse while in high school, then working his way through college as a magazine writer before eventually making the jump into automotive public relations. As a way to encourage people to get involved in the industry and to give back to the industry that has supported him his entire life, Kahn started the “Cars for a Living” podcast in 2012 with co-host Robert Kibbe.

The goal of the show is to help entrepreneurs start and expand businesses in the automotive realm, to offer marketing and car PR advice, interview guests who have succeeded in the industry and to offer an inside look at the automotive industry. The show is available through iTunes, Stitcher Radio or via RSS feed and new episodes are posted twice a month. This insider knowledge of podcasting and digital broadcasting technology can also help Kahn Media clients get their message out to consumers through their own shows and related programs.

Check out the latest episode here

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