June 18, 2013 KahnMedia

HRE Wheels Covers Front Of LA Times Business Section

Keeping business in California is a must for Kahn Media client HRE Performance Wheels, so much so that the Los Angeles Times wanted to find out exactly how a company like HRE could make some of the most expensive wheels in the world and stay successful through the recession up to the present. Take a look at the business side of these bespoke wheel artisans to see just how they did it and what it takes to create a global luxury/wheel brand. Writer Ron White made his way down to the Vista, California facility to see the wheel making process and interview the team behind the rolling sculptures.

HRE Performance Wheels expands its upscale niche

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Made in California: HRE Performance Wheels

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HRE Performance Wheels execs call California costly — but worth it

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