June 27, 2013 KahnMedia

HRE Wheels CF2 Carbon Wheels Previewed to AMEX Centurion Card Holders

When HRE Wheels launched its CF2 Carbon wheel series at SEMA last year, the industry was buzzing with interest in this carbon fiber racing wheel. At $20,000 dollars a set, the target buyer for this wheel line is someone who wants to have something truly unique and bespoke, unlike any other wheel on the market. Black Ink magazine caters to the customer who prefers and can afford the finer things in life and is sent exclusively to American Express Centurion (Black) Card holders worldwide. Kahn Media worked with writer Frank Vizard on a story about the latest in wheel technology and locked in a beautifully shot feature that included the CF2 wheel line. Follow the jump to check out the piece for yourself.

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Download PDF: Black Ink Magazine