May 19, 2009 KahnMedia

Ford Social Media Guru Scott Monty on Adam Carolla Podcast

I’m a Stern fan. Always have been. So when Howard left regular radio for Sirius three years ago, I followed him. However I’m also an Adam Carolla fan, and used to love his rants on “Love Line.”

So for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, radio host Adam Carolla took over the Howard Stern slot. Then the network switched all the talk stations to a Top 40 format and they kicked Adam off the air… and he took to Podcasting.

Now, thanks to my friend (and fellow auto-file) Tony Huntimer, I’m hooked on the Adam Carolla podcast. Adam’s a car guy (I met him a the Monterey Historics a few years ago) with a BRE Datsun 510, a ’72 911 RS and other cool rides in his garage. He’s also a social media fan, even if he wouldn’t say it like that. He has a fair number of “maven” types on his program… even though I don’t like using that word.

You’re probably saying: Podcast? People still listen to those? In fact, thanks to his built-in audience from the radio show, Carolla’s show is consistently the #1 podcast on iTunes. He has managed to maintain his profile using a garage studio ranting about stuff he thinks is interesting. The perfect example of how anyone can be their own media outlet.

Which brings us to my point. Adam’s most recent podcast features Scott Monty, who runs Ford Motor Company’s social media program. They’re doing some pretty cool stuff at the house of Henry, including the Fiesta Movement I’ve blogged about before. So on this podcast you get: Carolla, car talk, marketing insight, Ford’s social media plans, a little sugary PR-speak and some occasional profanity. Enjoy!

Adam Carolla Podcast w/ Scott Monty

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